ABOUT/Artist Statement



I am a German/British digital artist hailing from Munich. I specialise in fine art land- and cityscapes and minimalistic photography.


I have an undergraduate degree in Recording Arts and a Master of Arts in Digital Effects. In my 20 year career in the film and media industries, I have been fortunate to have worked in teams that have produced Oscar nominated films, Emmy winning TV shows and platinum selling DVDs.

My photography is a more personal way of expression and communication, of sharing my thoughts and observations with others in visual form. The art of photography serves as my conduit for questions I have about the complex world we live in and helps me to understand it more fully. While taking pictures has always been a joyful experience for me, photography has also helped me learn to slow down and being mindful of what's happening around me. 

 When I am not in front of a computer pushing pixels or behind a lens trying to create something cool, one can usually find me at concerts, galleries, with my nose in a book, hiking the alps or running along trails preparing for the next long distance race.

I live close to Munich with my wife and two children.



Artist Statement 


„There is something magical in the simplicity of things“.

I see photography as a way of communication, of sharing my thoughts and observations with others in visual form. Aside from the sheer joy of the process of creating images, photography for me is a means of reflection, introspection, dealing with the complexities of life and living consciously by staying mindful of my surroundings. The practice of freezing the moment and capturing the three-dimensional world on a flat image helps me gather my thoughts and has a meditative and comforting effect on me. It is my wish to share this calming effect with others. 

My photos share stories that are first told in the physical world when I capture the exposure, and a second time within the digital darkroom. Here I can reflect the shot again and let my visions and ideas roam free and adjust the image to my liking. Post production is a vital component of my workflow as a photographer. 

I have divided my art into three groups, three integral elements that I pull from subjects, with each image exhibiting at least one of these traits:


The Dramatic

Epic landscapes and complex skylines. I often feel awestruck and overwhelmed by beauty and abundance, and I use the tools of post production to distill reality and manipulate elements of the surreal.



The Simple

Minimalist and meditative compositions, sometimes of day-to -day objects and the mundane, offer opportunity to ponder the meaning of any moment, reflect on oneself, and let me share what I cannot describe through words.


The Story

Imagery can be the most fundamental building block of a narrative. Told within a single image or in a series. There is always a story to tell, a story behind it, or a story that has to be rewritten.


Rarely capturing other humans in my images, they contain an overall feeling of loneliness. Gleaning a greater understanding of the world around me, I find myself motivated to explore my surroundings, and can rediscover them at my desk. I often return subjects multiple times, years later, observing how they like me have changed and grown.



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